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Our Story

About us

We specialize in using emerging technology to build meaningful experiences and solve problems across different industries. Devika is a bright, young company that partners with experts to experiment and discover new ways enterprises and society can benefit from emerging technology. Our experiences extend over virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, mobile applications, websites and the internet of things to achieve the best results for every unique situation.

To us, being a meaningful business means building experiences that place equal importance on people, the planet, pushing boundaries and prosperity. As part of this commitment, we started Devika Learning, a program dedicated to moving students from content consumers to content creators. Using a hands-on and gamified approach to education, we provide workshops that equip today’s students with in-demand skills in technology. Guided by our values, our team has worked alongside companies such as Westpac, Intel, Coachella, Transport for NSW, the University of Wollongong, Latella Neuromuscular Training Systems and Unity.

Where We’re Heading

In today’s current corporate landscape organizations are becoming increasingly time-poor. At the same time technology is developing at an exponential rate. Rather than see these issues as problematic, we regard them as opportunities in which we can offer enterprises competitive advantages using our knowledge of emerging technology. Our focus is on the user experience, not just the technology.

By collaborating in meaningful ways with key stakeholders, setting conscientious business goals and assisting organizational leaders in using new technology effectively, we believe we can make substantial positive changes to the business world. We also aim to make the same positive changes in the education sector. Working with schools we’ve seen first-hand how busy teachers are. With only a few hours a month for available for skill development, it’s hard to expect teachers to be able to keep on top of technology innovations. By working with our educators, we can use our abilities to help facilitate the learning of the skills needed for the next generation.