Devika | Kolb
Using VR to deliver Experiential Learning

Kolb is a software application that provides experiential learning scenarios delivered in virtual reality. Each scenario is extracurricular and mapped to the (Department of Education) High School curriculum. This new approach is able to engage students through gamification and the use of emerging technologies. The technology is delivered by the Devika team, who build experiences using emerging technology.


  • Mapped to the DET Curriculum
  • Using Emerging Technology
  • Fostering Problem Solving
  • Engaging Millennials
  • Designed with Gamification in mind
  • Assisting Student Career Pathways

Our Objective

The main objective is to further facilitate the Department of Education curriculum learning through emerging technology that students are excited to use. Also, given the expected growth in STEM careers, our objective is to encourage young Australians to be technologically empowered, even in fields that traditionally have not needed technology. The aim is to combine VR with Kolb’s method of experiential learning to achieve the best results for students. It is expected to gain higher retention rates of knowledge among participants.

Antarctica Experience

First scene will be an Antarctic experience which will allow students to put on the virtual reality headset and enter the world of the Antarctic. The scenario begins where scientist will introduce the topic and explain the reasoning for their presence, their significance with the ecology, and what are some of the activities that take place.

She will then tell you to take a photo of a penguin for research purposes. There will be different resources given to the student staggered throughout the experience to see their intuitiveness of the setting and their grasping of the resources regarding problem-solving. The introduction will be a blend of science and geography, and the experience will allow the students to get a first-hand feel into a day in the life of an Antarctic scientist.

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